Grill Masters! I was fortunate enough to receive a Big Green Egg as a wedding gift 4 weeks ago. I have been an avid BBQ and smoker for more than 15 years, using all the top brands of grills and smokers. After cooking on the Egg for the past 4 weeks, I can tell you that NOTHING compares! I just cooked 2 pork shoulders for 12.5 hours (195 internal temp) and they are AMAZING! The best part is, after 12.5 hours at 250 degrees, I just opened up the vents on the Egg and jumped the temp to 550 degrees, within minutes - on the original amount of charcoal! Now, I'm cooking chicken breast! If you are a grill fanatic, go see my friend at Culinary Concepts and check out the Egg. You will NEVER go back to anything else! Thanks Dean!

- Mike Dickman , Ft. Lauderdale

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